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The 1962 Class of Clementi Secondary School

Last December, I visited my parents in Hong Kong from United States. In the same time, Ng Hoi Yeung came back as well from Toronto. Fung Kong Hon invited 12 classmates to have lunch with us in Causeway Bay. We talked about what we were doing right now and what we did in the past. We felt very comfortable with each other because we had grown up together in Clementi Secondary School.

Time flies and 42 years have gone after our graduation from CSS. Looking back, all of us should have experienced many ups and downs. Some classmates already have their grandchildren while some have passed away. We should be glad if we have chances to see each other somewhere and sometime.

During our conversation, it was suggested to build a website to show our present and past photos and some words from our hearts.

Now, I volunteer to start this website and hope that you could enrich it by sending me via email some photos and words you would like to share with your classmates. Thank you.

Heung Mou Wing   (email:
January 4, 2005