Due to the busy lunar year end, Percy and I didn't get a chance to arrange a gathering. However, we managed to talk over the phone for a few hours. We talked about ourselves and our classmates. Things just flashed out from our memories. Our conversation seemed never ended. Eventually, we thought that we should give the other side a rest.
(Tze Hong Kee 2/10/05)

I Wish you all Happy Chinese New Year. I am at present the Clementi  Secondary School management committee member. If any classmate wants to get in touch with school affairs, I am always there to help.
(Yin Tek Shing 2/7/05)

The website is just great, just great.  We spent a long time this evening trying to guess the names of the classmates.Thanks for your effort.We are both still working.  Catherine is thinking of retiring next year. Peter may be soon as well.
(Chow Chun Kau/Chiang Sin Mei 2/1/05)

Thanks for creating a wonderful website for the Clementi alumni. I enjoyed very much seeing the reunion photos and reading the messages written by the classmates. Seeing the old photos also brought back fond memories of our school days. It is hard for me to believe that forty-two years have gone by since our graduation from Clementi. I didn't know that there are tall residential buildings adjacent to the Clementi campus until I saw the school photo on the website.Thanks again for spearheading the effort to bring old friends together. Best wishes and warm aloha
(Cheung Chiu Shan 2/1/05)

The 1962 Clementi Site is really great. Thanks for doing that.I am doing fine. Still teaching. Got a huge grant for six yearsˇK.We are designing a 2025 car.  Very likely I have to work 5 more years! Or I might not, who knows? When you come down to DC, please let us know.
(Lee Chi Chong 1/30/05)

Wish you and your family have a happy Chinese new year and good trip to Europe. Please send my best wishes to Man Tak Kuen and family. The Chi-Ping Dance Group is busy to rehearsal for the Chinese New Year at Civic Centre. The show will be held on Feb.6, 2005 2:00pm. You are welcomed to visit our website: www.chipingdance.com
Looking forward to visit Toronto soon.
(Lau Chi Ping 1/26/05)

I will take my two children, Edwin and Grace and my future daughter-in-law to visit Man Tak Kuen in Europe between March 18-30,2005. We will travel to Germany and France from Amsterdam. Anybody want to join us and have a great time?
(Lee Suk Kam 1/25/05)

Just went through "Classmate", it was sad to realize that some of our classmates were "gone". Sadly, it is inevitable. Did you know that Cheng Sik-Hung passed away last year?
(Ng Hoi Yeung 1/24/05)

You still remember me? Your website is excellent. I looked at all the photos in your site, I could only recognize a few classmates only because I have seen them recently. How time flies and think about that, we had practically lived with each other for 6 years! As Ryan mentioned, there are 3 of us (Ryan, Cliff and me) live in Los Angeles area. So, if any of the classmate(s) coming this way, please let us know!! I think I can speak for all 3 of us here. We will love to see our old friends from Clementi. I took early retirement, so I have plenty of time myself and can take our friends around. I am planning on traveling to HK in about 2-3 months. Hopefully, I can see some of my classmates.
(Wong Lai Shun 1/24/05)

Yes, it is a long time after we were graduated from Clementi. How are you doing? I'm doing just fine. I have not retired yet; but been spending time working on the wireless integrated services business (WiFi).  I live in Orange County which is about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. We also have 2 classmates living in LA. They are Cliff Tsai (Tsai, Ming Yuen) and Jeff Wong (Wong, Lai Shun). Since we are not too far away, we arrange dinner gatherings once a while. I send this email to them also so that they can all tour the Clementi website. It is wonderful that you set up a website for class of 62.  It is more convenient for us to get in and communicate with everyone. Please take care and keep in touch.
(Tze Hong Kee 1/24/05)

It is very nice to hear from you. I am working at my hotel in Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada, most on my time. My hotel is two hours away from the world's famous ski resort: Whistler. You are welcome to come to visit and share our exciting experience in the last 40 years. Web: www.goldpannerhotel.com
(Lee Suk Kam, 1/17/05)

Does it mean that we should all drop our e-mail address?  However, what is worth more--able to communicate with old friends freely or rich but isolated.
(Ng Hoi Yeung 1/11/05)

We did enjoy our schooling in Clementi. While we are reviewing our sweet memories, anyone to recall/review our weakness in the past, so that our next generation could do better.   
(Chan Kwok Wong 1/10/05)

Hi, winch, I thought Iˇ¦ve met you at HK IBM office in 1968. Timeflies!
(Lin Tak Kam 1/10/05)

Thank you, Winch, for setting up the website and the interesting article of our teacher Mr. Kwong. Thank you, Norman, for sending me the picture with our classmates. I will be going to Hong Kong in early March for a couple of weeks. I will have an art exhibition in Grotto Gallery. The opening reception will be in the evening of March 8. I will send you more details about my schedule when they are settled.Hope to see some of you when I am in HK.   
(Kan Kit Keung 1/10/05)

Thanks to Ah Heung to arrange all these and let us have a chance to be " back to the past ". I enjoy reading these materials and look forward to more communications between  classmates.
(Lam Kin 1/10/05)

Re: Mr. Kwong--thank you for sending me this report.  The material is all new to me.  It just brings me back half a century. 
(Ng Hoi Yeung 1/9/04)

I did miss some opportunities of meeting you guys. On the other hand, I also did join many of our functions in HK. Although I am retiring, I still lecture in CityU, HKU, HKUST and Chu Hai Post Secondary College. 
(Chan Kwok Wong 1/8/05)

This is great, I will try to look for some pictures. I got back from China Jan 1, I am in NY, leaving for HK Wednesday.
(Chao Chi Chun 1/6/05)