I attached a picture of four of us with our beloved wives attending Paul Yin's anniversary wedding. I don't really remember the year. Maybe someone can help. Unfortunately, Steve is not with us. I remember we were trying to arrange a gathering couple years ago; but everyone was busy at different time. A year had passed easily; all in a sudden, we were totally unprepared and heard about this bad news. I'm sure that everyone has the same feeling. We felt not only lose a classmate but also a dear friend of us. There are only four classmates that I know are living in LA. May be Paul Yin too. But Paul stays most of the time in Hong Kong. Once for a while, we had dinners together and talked about things way back in high school. Those were the moments that we felt traveling back in time. It was a very precious feeling. We will have another gathering together dinner soon (end of April). We are happy that Angela can participate. Anyway, the picture surely will bring back our memory and it is a good memory.
(Tze Hong Kei 4/4/2005)

Reading the early passing of a classmate filled me with a tremendous sense of sadness. Chee Ham did not mention the cause of death. However, I had a strange feeling of reliving something. Last year, a friend of mine passed away on Maui. I had known this friend for over 30 years. His condition was very much like that of Sik Hung. After he passed away, his wife told me he had prostate cancer. Colon cancer and prostate cancer are the two top cancer killers for males. It is estimated that this year more than half a million people will die of cancer. I wonder how many male classmates pay attention to the importance of undergoing recommended cancer screening for cancer death prevention.
(Cheung Chiu Shan 4/2/2005)

As I recalled, we were (might still be) very busy raising family, pursuing careers and making a living. There's the old saying "life is very fragile and one never knows what future brings". We never really gave much thought to it, as one perceived that it could not happen to us. When Steve passed away so suddenly; besides the pain and shock, it makes me realize life is indeed very fragile and one needs to re-focus our priorities in life.
(Angela Cheng 4/1/2005)

The subject I hated most in high school was Composition. However, I had to write a lot in my career with Boeing. Well. Well see. I do wish to contribute to the website that you have spent so much time in keeping ties for all classmates.
(Wong Lai Shun 4/1/2005)

I trust we all know that our privacy is deprived bit by bit in this high-tech world. One's e-mail transaction, Internet surfing history, frequencies of access to public places (which are TV monitored and recorded), cell phone or telephone calls, etc. etc. - all are recorded and can be traced. I do not think we can avoid to have our privacy been deprived unless we are not in this world. There might be laws passed to protect, as alleged, our privacy, but who knows whether it will actually work. Anyway, may be we will feel better if we have a mind that what we have done is not a secret. Treat it as "???????" or, if someone knows your privacy, "so what!" May be it will be too "Ah Q", but, at least you will have a more peaceful mind and life.  How do you think?
(Chiu Chi Cheung 3/26/2005)

I was just back from HK couple of days ago. My exhibition in HK is still going on. The opening was nice and the gallery got the American councilor general to officiating the show. I called Ms Poon Hai-Hung. She came to my show the day after the opening. We had a good conversation and I found her in good health. Unfortunately, I did not see any of my Clementi classmates, because I did not have time and had to leave HK for Japan, not long after my opening.
(Kan Kit Keung 3/25/2005)

Right now, I've to go to Monterey Park in LA to catch up with my ballroom dancing on Monday, Thursday & Friday. Its a one & half hour drive. I usually go out around 4pm in the afternoon & come back around 12am midnight. So right now it's a little busy for me. I'm trying to set up a gathering with Wong Lai-shun, Tsai Ming-yuen, Tze Hong-kei and Angela Cheng (Cheng Sik-hung's wife) in April. Ill send you our pictures later.
(Lin Tak Kam 3/18/2005)

I would like to express my thanks to you and all the others who take part in building up and maintain this website so that we the 1962 classmates can have chance to recall our past happy memories and also to have a link with all other classmates no matter where they are in the world. Many thanks.
(Chiu Chi Cheung 3/10/2005)

I had cataract surgery on my right eye last year too. My left one has some cataract also, but it's not that bad. So, I went against my eye doctor's advice to do the other one because I think natural lens is better than the implant. Right now I am using my right eye for far objects (driving) and read with my left eye. So far it's working fine and I don't need to wear glasses, though it's recommended. I hate to have anything on my face.
(Wong Lai Shun 3/5/2005)

I was in Vancouver for a week. I had an opportunity to visit Sue's hotel. I was completely stunned by the charm of the scenery and its tranquility around there. It was just breathtaking. Although we didn't have too much time to stop for taking photos. I did manage to take couple for the snow mountains and lakes. I will send them to you as well. I told Sue that I really want to stay there for a week or two. I would be wandering on a remote trail, waiting for the changing of clouds, catching the essence of the beautiful scenery. 
(Tze Hong Kei 3/5/2005)

After my right eye was numbed using "eye drop" anesthesia, an eyelid holder was placed between my eyelids to prevent me from blinking. A small probe was inserted into my capsular membrane which surrounded the cloudy lens. Ultrasound was used to gently emulsify the cloudy lens into tiny pieces which were removed through the tip of the probe. As soon as the cloudy lens was removed, it was replaced with a plastic lens implant through a smaller incision.  The complete procedure had taken about 10 minutes. All a sudden, my right eye could see clearly without glasses.
(Heung Mou Wing 3/4/2005)

Since my mama has cancer and her situation is terminal. I sent letters and words to my siblings, relatives and friends expressing my affection toward her in the last few months. Classmates are considered my intimate friends. So I have decided to attach those letters and words to you all and besides, to respond your request for short essay from me. However, these aren't short sentences, I am sending three parts so classmates can bear with me with patience.
(Yin Tak Shing 2/27/2005)

I found a perfect translation of the poem in a dictionary that I bought many years ago. Here is the translation:" Behind the vermilion gates meat and wine go to waste while out on the road lie the bones of those frozen to death" Isn't the translation neat?  It is a literal translation that captures the essence of the poem.
(Cheung Chiu Shan 2/26/2005)