Just want to inform you that we have built Clementi Alumni Homepage since 1998. It is belonging to us. Please go to discuss forum or guestbook to drop some comments. Appreciate if you can share some of photos and news from 1962's. Please add this link to your homepage.
<CSS Alumni Committee 7/21/2005>

I have visited Clementi 1962 website. I appreciate the enthusiasm of all classmates making this website so interesting. I promise I shall write one as soon as I can find time. Many thanks.  
<Chan Kwok Hei 7/14/2005>

I want to thank you for doing such a great job in creating and pulling this site together. Those old pictures are precious, the articles are interesting, and the slide shows are entertaining! Have a great summer!
<Lee Chi Chong 7/14/2005>

I am just wondering whether anyone has suggested to you regarding organizing a trip for the North America alumni. It may be fun. The question is where to and what would be the response. May be something like a short cruise, since there is more time to spend together then other venues. Just a thought.
<Tsai Ming Yuen 7/3/2005>

I have read the essay written by Chiu Shan about the trip in Guangzhou that made me quite interested to take a tour to go there again. Usually, I went with friend who lived there shopping for my dance group only, because I have been told Guangzhou was not very safe. May be this time, when I stay in Hong Kong from July 13 to August 4, I may take a chance to visit and enjoy the tour in Guangzhou. I really appreciate Chiu Shan's essay. Her essay is so good.

<Lau Chi Ping 6/23/2005>

I am glad that in mounting the web page which you designed, it also gave us chance to continue our working together just like working together as bridge partners more than forty years ago. One thing about the friendship of high school classmates is that there has been a lack of understanding on what happens after graduation. Our understanding on that later stage is practically blank and as the web gets on momentum, I believe that understanding can also be built up gradually. I think you have done a wonderful job on it. Keep it up and I definitely will support it as much as I can.
<Lam Kin 6/13/2005>

I have finally decided to write something for our website, after much prodding by Chee Ham and yourself. So here is my first attempt. Just don't laugh OK?
<Tsai Ming Yuen 6/5/2005>

Glad to hear from you. It's very tedious work to set up and maintain the website for all of us. I couldn't wait to go through all parts of it. Something I would like to clarify about the email network. There seems to be some mixing up of my email address with that of Loy Ming Tak whose name is just next to mine. Another thing, I'm not sure if Loy also got an English name "Michael" which is same as mine.  Please check. Thanks for all the efforts. "Michael"
was added to my name when I joined the nursing service in 1964.  At that time all the student nurses had to use English names for the convenience of those European lecturers.
<Lok Kuan 6/1//2005>
I would like to express my thanks and appreciations again for your time and efforts of setting up the website. It has initiated more communications among all old friends around the world. It has become our daily routine by visiting the website and reading your emails. It definitely enlightens the life of my wife and myself. Keep it up! Thanks again for your continuous efforts and hard works. 
<Ngai Pui Yin  5/30/2005>

So Shung Kee does not have an email address. He lives in Indiana and I'll provide his address and phone numbers to you later as Fung Kong Han wrote it down during our lunch gathering. Tomorrow I am going to Kwun Ming with my wife for a few days both for leisure and business; then I am going to Qingdao on Jun 8 again for a few days. I'll write something about myself to you shortly after mid-Jun, okay? Next year is 80 years anniversary of Clementi and there will be celebration throughout the year. Big dinner is scheduled some time in April and I wish many of you abroad will come back and join us for the great event. Will write to you soon.
<Yin Tak Shing 5/28/2005>

I wrote an essay about Wai Chu is not because that she is my good friend. I think that we have to start to adore the achievement of other people instead of concentrating on ourselves. I can see that most Chinese people like to criticize instead of to appraise the good part of others. This trend should be changed!
<Lee Suk Kam 5/19/2005>

You're a super friend, web master and editor.  Hope to meet you in person one day.
<Angela Cheng 5/16/2005>

We had a memorable dinner on May 8 night and photos had been sent to you thru my yahoo's briefcase. Angela will send you an email to talk about our unforgettable dinner and also the interesting chicken story, which leads to her election as our speaker. 
<Lin Tak Kam 5/13/2005>

I enjoy very much to be able to go into the website of Clementi 1962, where I meet with so many friends of old good days. Thank you again for your contribution in connecting classmates.
<Poon Fung Kwan.5/8/2005>

Thanks for your hard working to make us feel like living very close to each other. I got your emails in Chinese. This time I can read it. Only that I cannot write in Chinese for I do not have the software. Tonight, we have been sitting together with Choy Ming Yuen and his wife and more than 10 old classmates, having dinner and a lot of talks for almost four hours. We are all too enjoying to look at the time! 
<Leung Po Chu 5/7/2005>

Looking what you have done to all of us, it just brings back to old days when we were at Clementi. All the essays you and other classmates have contributed just brought us closer and closer. Keep up with the good work.
<Ng Hoi Yeung 4/27/2005>

Thank you for your work on the Clementi website. I read the essays posted with pleasure. I will add my contribution to it when I think of something to write.
<Kan Kit Keung 4/21/2005>

I would like to inform you that I have opened a new mailbox for future correspondence. Please spread the words and update this piece of information in your site. I would also be grateful if you can take the previous address off the list, which belongs to my son.
<Chan Kwan Ying 4/6/2005>