Thanks Winch for forwarding Kit-Keung's e mail to me and to Kit-Keung, I really enjoy your painting on your web.Your work is simple in composition, concise, surreal and with a hint of abstraction. I really like it and I am so glad that Winch brought it to our attention. This is the kind of composition I like to do in photography. Lets keep in touch and I hope to have an opportunity to see your work someday.  I started taking photography as a hobby since 1998 and got really into it in the last few years.
<Kong Tin Jor 10/27/2005>

Ben Kong's photography is breathtaking. I wish I can exhibit my work with him someday. Recently I am collaborating with two found-object artists and will have an exhibition in an art center next August. You can see some of our work in my website,
<Kan Kit Keung 10/27/2005>

Please take a look at  , the website of Norwegian Cruise Line. I think a Hawaii interisland cruise will be great for the Clementi classmates and their families to get to know one another.  The cost of the 7-day, four-island cruise is reasonable, though the price doesn't cover any sightseeing on each island. After the cruise is over, classmates can choose to stay in Honolulu for a few more days, enjoying all the outdoor activities. I could help with organizing the cruise and booking hotel rooms or apartments with kitchen facilities. I think cruising is the best way for classmates to renew friendship.  As Hawaii is a great destination, I believe more classmates would show interest in such a cruise.  They could also purchase trip cancellation insurance. We could make plans for the cruise if you think classmates might be interested in such an activity.
<Cheung Chiu Shan 10/14/2005>

I am in the process of selling my hotel, and it looks like the hotel will be sold in the middle part of this month. Therefore please advise all classmates to update my forwarding address.
<Sue Lee 10/5/2005>

What a surprise our HK office told me you track me down, almost. Anyway I spend most time in San Jose but am planning a trip to HK 9/20 to 10/1. I shall stay most of time in Zhuhai in this trip where our factory is located. Are you planning a reunion? Let me know.
<Chui Ka Ng 9/13/2005>

The information below appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser today:
"Studies suggest that curcumin, the yellow pigment in turmeric, may help protect against heart disease and cancer and perhaps ward off Alzheimer's disease, says Greg Cole, a researcher at the University of California-Los Angeles. His studies suggest this common ingredient in curries can protect mice from a disease similar to Alzheimer's. "
<Cheung Chiu Shan 8/18/2005>

Remember I talked to you about donation to our beloved school classrooms. Namely they are IT, linquistic, math, science and meidia. Please consider if the class of 62 is interested in a concert effort for the donation of one classroom bearing the name of class 1962. The amount is HKD 200,000. Please solicit opinions from classmates.
<Yin Tak Shing 8/13/2005>

Tsai Ming Yuen's idea of organizing a trip is great. I suggest that we go on a cruise to Alaska during the summer with the possibility of extending our trip to Jasper and Banff in British Columbia. We could also stay at Sue's hotel as part of our itinerary.
<Cheung Chiu Shan 8/10/2005>

I did have good time with 12 classmates in Hong Kong. Time has passed, but our friendship stays forever.
<Lau Chi Ping 8/4/2005>

I just called a friend who works at a travel agency, inquiring about making flight reservation to Hong Kong and booking a hotel room in April. She advised me not to go to Hong Kong in April and October, the worst two months of the year for traveling to H.K. She said the Guangzhou trade shows are held twice a year, in April and October. People attending the trade shows also stay in Hong Kong for sightseeing. During these two months it is difficult to book rooms in Hong Kong. Even she can get me a room, the room rate would be much higher than usual. After talking to my friend, I tried to book a room on the website of Kowloon Hotel in Tsimshatsui from April 6 through April 30. The answer from the website was "No availability for the requested dates." I just want to pass the information on to you. Some overseas classmates might not be able to attend the anniversary dinner held on April 8 because of the difficulty in securing lodging.
<Cheung Chiu Shan 7/29/2005>