Words from Ms. Poon's

Tsou Sheung Tsun

Dear Yick Kwan and everybody,

I am very glad to know that all went well with the opening ceremonies and shall look forward to seeing the videos when I come back to HK next March.

I really cannot find words to express adequately how grateful and moved I feel to everybody: all those who generously donated money to make the Schools project possible, all those who worked hard for it, all those who braved the uncomfortable trip to Guangxi for the opening ceremonies.

Needless to say, very special thanks should go to Yick Kwan, who first had this moving idea and who worked really really hard for it, and also to Hon Chuen who was so good as to "lead" the "Opening Party".

I think my sister Irene may be able to be with you at the lunch, and if so she will of course express our thanks in person, but I really want to say a big thank you on behalf of all the family.  I do hope to be able to meet at least some of you next year and thank you again personally.

I ask Yick Kwan kindly to bring this message to the Saturday lunch, and I hope you will excuse me for not writing in Chinese since my computer cannot do that.

Best regards,

Sheung Tsun
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