Greeting from the Tsais

Tsai Ming Yuen
Luckily, we live near a park
which we can still walkK..

Due to bad haircuts and lack of saloon care, we are skipping photos, except the grandkids, this year.

What can we say about 2020? It seems like the whole year has been a blur. The politics out of Washington was unbelievable and stressful at times (only consolation prize were the laughs we got out of the late-night talk shows). The pandemic took a big toll, as all our routines were upended. Like most people in the US, we stayed home and only did essential trips to the market. No gyms since February and no travel even up north to the bay area of California. Cliff tries to keep up with yoga via YouTube videos. Luckily, we live near a park which we can still walk. Round trip is about 2.4 miles. Even doctors visits are by phone or video. Good thing that the supermarkets have early hours dedicated to the seniors. We have been doing a lot more cooking at home these days. Occasionally we order take out. But despite the short distance we have to drive to bring the food home, the food just doesnt taste as good as a sit-down meal at the restaurant.

We were lucky that we went to Spain in September 2019 and Cliff went to HK in early November 2019. We had plans to travel to HK in June, then postponed to October of this year, but of course that was finally cancelled because we would have to be locked up in a hotel room for 14 days.

Terence, Suzanna and our little granddaughter Sophie Jia-Xin (ŪY) fared slightly better in HK, although Terence mostly worked from home and in person learning has been on and off for Sophie. In May we were blessed with another granddaughter Zoe (Ŭ). She is doing well and just learned to turn over. We see her weekly on Facetime but have yet to meet her in person. Sophie is doing well and doing all kinds of activities when allowed, like swimming, dancing, soccer, piano and tennis. The frequency of her infusion of immunoglobalin has been reduced from monthly to every month and a half. She is gradually receiving her vaccines but not the live-attenuated onces.

Her mandarin has been steadyly imporving since she attended the bilingual international Montesorri School at Stanley.

Daphne works from home but Kenneth has to go to the office. Another piece of good news is Kenneth and Daphne are expected to be parents of a baby boy come next April. Hopefully we will have our vaccines then and be able to greet and hold him. We continue to have good health. But somehow it feels like we were robbed one year of our lives. We try to take a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood daily. We do see more people walking and the chance encounter of cute dogs always provide a respite to the daily drag.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2021.

Cliff, Margaret, Terence, Suzanna, Kenneth, Daphne, Sophie and Zoe
Los Angeles, December 2020

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