Sandy Ho Lai Hing
I was struggling to make a decision
for her future.......

"Money" could make a good person be a devil and it also could give people a nightmare every night.

"Money" has been tight since I got divorced thirty years ago. I am a single parent. My children always come first especially education.

I hadn't worked for few years because I had to take care of them. Since I split up from my husband, I had learned physiotherapy. I went to work with my clients sometimes in hospital and sometimes in their house if they come back home.

My children studied in a famous secondary school in Hong Kong. After her school certificate my daughter got a scholarship to study in the USA. (The scholarship for Asian student.) She begged me to let her learn there. (A scholarship is only free for the school fees.)

I was struggling to make a decision for her future. (For a political reason ---1997 HK reunification to China. I didn't know the future of HK). I decided to let her go there. Three years later, I let my son go there too.

Since then, I had butterflies in my stomach. I worked from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday because it was eight HK dollars to one US dollar. Besides, I had a mortgage to pay for my house. When all people were happy because the holidays had come, I had nightmares every night. I was thinking about money --- whether it was enough to give them!

"Money", that horrible word was very important for me at that time.

It is not that important now. It is no longer needed to pay children's education and mortgage. I can easily live on a small income.

I am getting used to enjoying the rest of my life now.

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