Greeting from the Tsai¡¦s

Tsai Ming Yuen
In September, Cliff and Margaret
spent two weeks in Spain¡K.

We apologize for skipping our usual greeting in 2018. The reason was Cliff¡¦s brother Benny succumbed to pancreatic cancer on 12/25/18 and it was so traumatic that we did not feel up to the task, plus we didn¡¦t want to ruin everyone¡¦s Christmas. Cliff was fortunate to visit him in mid-December and spent some quality time with him.

Luckily 2019 has been a better year. We were delighted to have Terence, Suzanna and our little granddaughter Sophie Jia-Xin (¹ÅªY) visiting us in late May. Sophie continues to do well after her bone marrow transplant over 2 years ago. She turned four in November and has stopped all transplant related medications for quite some time now. The only lingering issue is some skin itchness which is under control by various lotions. She continues to have a monthly infusion of immunoglobalin to give her immune system a boost as she continue to fortify her own.

In September, Cliff and Margaret, together with two other friends, spent two weeks in Spain. We started with Bilboa and visited the Guggenheim musuem. We rented a car and drove to San Sabastian and then on to Madrid where we joined our group for a tour of Granada, Toledo, Seville, and Cordoba. Spain is rich in history and we had good weather throughout. At the end of the group tour we went to Barcelona and stayed for 3 nights. This was a second visit for us to Barcelona but it still impressed us. The food was interesting and the tapas was amazing. Sagrada Familia Basilica is now the #1 attraction of Spain and it is well worth a visit. Somehow we had missed it on our first visit. I guess it gave us reason to go back.

In November Cliff went to Hong Kong to visit Terence, Suzanna and Sophie. Sophie is now going to pre-K at an international Montesorri School at Stanley, which is about a 30 minutes bus ride from her home. She is excited to go to school everyday. Her after school activities include soccer, ballet, yoga, mandarin, kiddy gym and glee club. We FaceTime with her and her parents weekly.

HK, despite the recent unrest, is remarkably calm and outwardly similar to how we remembered it to be. The most visible signs of the past unrest are some of the missing pieces of the pedestrian barriers, which were dismembered as road blocks during the protests. Every Sunday, there are protests but now citizens gets alers on their cell phones on subway station shutdowns or bus disruptions. The city leadership is paralyzed bus disruptions. The city leadership is paralyzed and failed to address the root cause of the discontent. I am afraid that the unrest will go on for sometime. There are visibly less tourists, especially at attractions like Ocean Park. The other visble signs are the Chinese Banks and other Chinese businesses are all boarded up with steel plates with access doors which can be totally locked up after hours. We wish and hope Hong Kong will have a good future.

We continue to have good health, not withstanding Cliff¡¦s cold caught at the end of his Hong Kong trip. On good days we take a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood daily.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2020.

Cliff, Margaret, Terence, Suzanna, Kenneth, Daphne and Sophie
Los Angeles, December 2019

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